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Positive and Negative Personality

Written by Tia Brecht

Astrology refers to the science of associating individual attributes, characteristics and positive and negative personality traits with that of planet’s rotation and their impact on the behavioral and life style changes of those individuals. Astrology and the zodiac signs’ interpretations have gained enough significance even in this contemporary era of medical and technological advancements. According to the divisions there are twelve zodiac signs. Each of them specified for a specific period of time. As then rotation of earth changes so does the zodiac sign changes.





Starting from Aries its time period is specified from March   29- April 19. The qualities of this sign are energetic, demanding, determined, successful, and ambitious. The gem which is most suitable and appropriate for them is diamond which has a positive impact on the individual on the whole.





Taurus time period is from April 20-may 20. Security, subtle, power, gratitude, instruction and patience are qualities associated with this sign. Emerald is the gemstone for this sign having a correlative effect on the behavioral patterns of the individual.





Its time period is from   May 21 –June 20. A person has the basic qualities such as   communication, uncertainty, inquisitive, intelligent, and changeable. Agate is the gemstone used for this sign.





Its duration is from June 21 –July 22. Person has the qualities such as emotional, diplomacy, passion, impulsive and selective. The gem stone suited for this star is ruby, a fire-red stone pouring the same red hot sparkle and characteristics into the individual.






Its time period is from July 23 – August 22. Person has the qualities such as ruling, tenderness, generosity, faithful, and inventiveness. The gemstone suited to this sign is Jade.





Its time limit is from August 23-September 22. The attributes such as analytical, sensible and realistic, reflective, observing and thoughtful are acquired by its members. The gemstone suited with it is sapphire.





Its limit is from September 23-October 22. Justice, genuineness, beauty and perfection are general qualities of this star. The precious gemstone opal is used for it.





The limit of time for this star is from October 23 – November 21. The transient, headstrong, determined and unyielding are qualities of this star. The gemstone is topaz which is used for this star.





The time duration of this star is from November 22-December 21. Philosophical, experimentation, optimism and adventurous are the specific qualities of this star. The gemstone for this is turquoise.





The time period is from December 22 – January 19. Determination, dominance, unrelenting, practical, stubborn are qualities of this star. The gemstone is garnet is used for this zodiac sign.





The duration is from January 20 – February 18. Knowledge, compassionate serious, discerning, duplicitous are qualities of this star. The gemstone used for this sign is amethyst.





The duration is from February 19 – March 20. Fluctuations, vigor, imagination, reactive, irresolute and wavering are the qualities associated with this sign. The gemstone used is aquamarine for this zodiac sign.

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